Learning to Fall

When our focus is on avoiding falling, it’s hard to be ourselves completely.  We’re fearful; preoccupied; not present.  We actually become more likely to fall or, even worse, not likely to try at all.

Our goal shouldn’t be to be a person who never falls down.  Because, someone who hasn’t fallen down yet, is actually more at risk.  They don’t know the feeling, they’re used to winning, and one day, when they do actually fall, they will be devastated.  It will take them a long time to recover.

Maybe our goal should be to learn how to fall.  Because, once we become good at falling, we know the feeling; we know how to survive; we know how to recoup.  When this happens, we have less to fear.  Our minds are more clear, and more capable of focusing on our goal, NOT the avoidance of failing to reach our goal.

Besides, people who have fallen (or, maybe I should say: the people who are willing to admit they have fallen) are far more interesting (and honest).

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